By Nando Focareta

Discover the Magic of Ambra Spirits' Mini Martini Flight Experience

At Ambra Spirits, nestled in the heart of Thebarton just minutes from Adelaide CBD, we’re inviting cocktail enthusiasts to a unique tasting adventure that showcases the art of the martini. Our recently launched Mini Martini Flight Experience is designed for those who appreciate the finer nuances of a well-crafted cocktail. Whether you’re a martini loyalist or a curious newbie ready to explore, this experience promises an unforgettable journey through flavour and finesse.

A Symphony of Flavours

Our Mini Martini Flight features a quartet of meticulously crafted martinis, each offering its own distinct character and charm:

  1. Classic Martini with a Lemon Twist: Starting with the timeless elegance of our Ambra Citrus Gin, this classic martini is perfected with dry vermouth and a twist of lemon. It’s more than a drink—it’s a statement of refined taste and sophistication.

  2. Ambra Cappuccino Martini: For those who love their coffee with a kick, the Ambra Cappuccino Martini blends Ambra Cappuccino Liqueur with vodka and rich espresso. This velvety concoction is both a wake-up call and a dessert in a glass.

  3. Passionfruit Martini: Escape to a tropical paradise with this vibrant mix of passionfruit and vanilla-infused vodka, accented with a hint of lime. It’s sweet, tangy, and irresistibly refreshing.

  4. Lemontini: Featuring our renowned Ambra Limoncello, the Lemontini is a celebration of Italian citrus, offering a zesty, lemon-flavored twist on the classic martini.

Each martini in the flight is a masterpiece, reflecting our commitment to quality and our passion for innovation. This experience is not just about drinking; it’s about appreciating the nuances that each martini brings to your palate.

Perfect Pairings

To enhance this exquisite tasting journey, we’re offering a complimentary dessert pairing for those who mention the Glam Adelaide article when booking. Our Neapolitan Gelati, with its layers of harmonious flavours, complements the martini flight beautifully, turning your tasting into a gourmet experience.

Beyond the Flight: A World of Exploration

At Ambra Spirits, the Mini Martini Flight is just the beginning. Our venue, freshly renovated for our 25th anniversary, offers a chic and inviting atmosphere where guests can relax and indulge. With a modern kitchen, tapas-style menu offerings, and two beautiful outdoor areas, Ambra Spirits is perfect for a casual visit or a special occasion.

Our commitment to providing a complete sensory experience is evident in our array of activities. From gin tasting and diverse cocktail options to bottomless brunches and live music events, there’s always something happening at Ambra. For the hands-on enthusiast, our cocktail making classes offer a fun and educational way to dive deeper into the craft of cocktail mixing.

Visit Us

Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Adelaide, Ambra Spirits offers a unique glimpse into the world of artisanal spirits and sophisticated cocktail crafting. Join us for the Mini Martini Flight Experience and discover why Ambra Spirits is more than a distillery—it’s a destination.

To book your experience or learn more about what we offer, visit our website or stop by Ambra Spritz Bar at 43 Phillips Street, Thebarton. We’re just a sip away from turning an ordinary day into an extraordinary one.