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The Ambra Story: Journey from Amalfi to Adelaide

Our Origin

In the embrace of the Amalfi Coast, Ambra Limoncello began its journey. Founded in 1998 by Libero De Luca, an Italian-born visionary, Ambra took root in Adelaide, marking the dawn of Australia's first Limoncello brand.

Libero's voyage to Italy kindled a passion to craft an authentic Italian liqueur that captured the essence of the Mediterranean spirit. Mastering age-old Limoncello-making techniques, he hand-peeled South Australia's citrus zest, blending it with local premium spirits. Thus, Ambra Limoncello was born, a tribute to authenticity, craftsmanship, and the zest of life.

Continuing Tradition, Embracing the Future

Ambra's legacy, enriched by Libero's vision, found new custodians in Nando Focareta and Peppe Fusco. With a deep passion for their heritage, they infused Ambra with new & innovative spirits, broadening its horizons while staying rooted in tradition.

Ambra's range expanded beyond Limoncello, embodying the essence of Italian summers and the joy of shared moments.

A New Chapter

Now in 2024, Finn Healey, an old friend of Nando & Peppe - steps into the Ambra Spirits family as new co-owner and Managing Director, we turn the page to an exciting new chapter, brimming with promise and anticipation. Finn's arrival is much more than a leadership change—it's a fresh infusion of energy, ideas, and a shared dream that resonate with every member of our team and community.

Ambra Distilery:
A Haven of Italian Hospitality

Nestled in Thebarton, Ambra Spirits transcends being merely a distillery. It's a vibrant confluence of Italian culture, offering a gastronomic journey with its modern Italian spuntini-style cuisine and innovative cocktails. Here, every dish is a celebration, every drink is a story, inviting you to experience unparalleled hospitality.

Our Promise

At Ambra Spirits, we're more than just a distillery; we're keepers of tradition, innovators of taste, and creators of experiences. Join us as we continue to explore, innovate, and share the true spirit of Italy, infused with the vibrancy of Australia.

Here's to new adventures, shared moments, and the endless pursuit of la dolce vita.

Welcome to Ambra Spirits. Here is where here every sip tells a story, and every story begins with us.

Ambra Spirits Sustainability;

Our distillery operates with sustainability in mind.

We take pride in our Limoncello, which comes from locally sourced lemons. After extracting the zest for our spirits, we ensure that every part of the lemon is put to good use. The leftover lemons find a new home in our kitchen and the kitchens of local restaurants across Adelaide, reducing waste and supporting our community.

Every day, our distillery receives shipments of supplies packed in cardboard boxes. Rather than letting this cardboard go to waste, we actively participate in recycling programs. Our dedication to sustainability doesn't end with cardboard. Once our spirits are enjoyed in our Distillery, we repurpose them within our establishment.

It's our way of saying thank you while making a positive impact on the environment.