By Nando Focareta

Top 10 Limoncello Cocktails to Brighten Your Spirits

Limoncello, the sun-kissed Italian liqueur, is beloved for its bright lemon flavor and velvety texture. Originating from Southern Italy, particularly around the Amalfi Coast, this delightful liqueur has found its way into the hearts and glasses of cocktail enthusiasts worldwide. Ambra Spirits, renowned for producing one of the finest limoncellos in Adelaide, presents the top 10 limoncello cocktails that you can easily mix at home to bring a taste of Italy to any occasion.

1. Classic Limoncello Spritz

The Limoncello Spritz is a refreshing cocktail that combines Ambra Limoncello with prosecco and a splash of soda water. This bubbly mix is perfect for hot summer days or as a welcoming drink at any party.

2. Limoncello Martini

For a more sophisticated twist, the Limoncello Martini blends Ambra Limoncello with vodka and a dash of fresh lemon juice. Serve it straight up with a lemon twist for a classy cocktail hour.

3. Limoncello Mojito

This inventive take on the traditional mojito replaces rum with limoncello, adding mint leaves, sugar, and soda water for a zesty and herbal refreshment that dances on the palate.

4. Amalfi Amore

The Amalfi Amore is a romantic cocktail featuring Ambra Limoncello, pink grapefruit juice, and a hint of rose water. Topped with sparkling water, it’s as picturesque as a sunset over the Amalfi Coast.

5. Limoncello Margarita

Give your margarita an Italian makeover by substituting tequila with Ambra Limoncello, combined with triple sec and fresh lime juice. Salt the rim for an impeccable balance of sweet and sour.

6. Lemon Basil Smash

A delightful herbaceous cocktail, the Lemon Basil Smash uses Ambra Limoncello, crushed basil leaves, lemon juice, and a touch of honey syrup, muddled together to release fresh and fragrant flavors.

7. Sorrento Sunrise

Inspired by the vibrant hues of Sorrento mornings, this cocktail mixes Ambra Limoncello with orange juice and a splash of grenadine. The layers mimic the colors of a sunrise, making it a visually stunning drink.

8. Limoncello Gin Fizz

Combine Ambra Limoncello with gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup, then top it off with club soda for a fizzy, citrusy cocktail that's both invigorating and smooth.

9. Italian Lemonade

This family-friendly drink (or spirited with a splash of vodka) blends Ambra Limoncello with fresh lemonade and crushed ice, garnished with mint for a refreshing summer staple.

10. Limoncello Bellini

For a celebratory toast, mix Ambra Limoncello with peach purée and top with chilled prosecco. This twist on the classic Bellini is perfect for brunches and wedding receptions.

Why Choose Ambra Limoncello?

Ambra Limoncello is crafted using traditional methods and the finest local ingredients, ensuring a high-quality liqueur that serves as a versatile base for a myriad of cocktails. Whether you're a novice or an experienced mixologist, Ambra Limoncello enhances any drink with its bright, bold flavors.


From sunny brunches to elegant evenings, these top 10 limoncello cocktails offer something for every taste and occasion. Explore the versatility of Ambra Limoncello and bring a splash of Italian flair to your cocktail crafting. Visit us at Ambra Spirits in Thebarton, or check out our website to discover more about our range and get inspired with additional recipes.

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